Crane Check Valves

Crane Check Valve

CRANE® swing check valves prevent reversal of flow through pipe lines.
Most CRANE swing check valves can be installed in horizontal or vertical, upward flow, piping.
They offer low resistance to flow and are particularly suited to low velocity service.

Crane Tilting Disc Check Valves

Tilting Disc Crane Check valves are similar to swing check valves. In most installations, slamming is minimized upon reversal of flow so noise and vibration are reduced.

Crane Stop Check Valves

High-Pressure Boiler Stop Crane check valves are essentially the same as globe and angle valves, except there is no mechanical connection between the stem and disc. However, they are not designed for throttling. They are used in steam boiler outlet piping when two or more boilers are connected to a common header. Valves must be installed with pressure under the disc, and when the stem is raised, only boiler pressure can raise the disc, whenever boiler pressure exceeds header pressure. They prevent steam back flow from the header to the boiler.

CRANE® Valves are a preferred supplier for OEMs, EPCs, and end users around the world because our customers know that we have a superior selection, offered in a wide array of materials, available in an almost unlimited variety of customizations. If you need a cast solution, our application engineers work with you to pro