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Aurora Electric Motor Driven Fire Pumps

Aurora Electric motor driven fire pumps

Aurora Fire Pump

Horizontal split case pumps are the most common type of fire pump. These pumps are specifically designed and tested for fire service applications where reliability of performance is of vital importance. Split case pumps are characterized by:

• Easy access to all working parts;

• Rugged construction; • Liberal water passages; and • Efficient operation. Split case fire pumps are specified when the source of water is located above the surface of the ground and provides a positive suction pressure to the pump at any performance point. Single-stage or multistage pumps are available dependent upon discharge pressure requirements. Aurora split case fire pumps are built per the rigid standards of NFPA 20 and are listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and approved by Factory Mutual (FM). Available in a broad range of operating pressures and flows from a minimum of 250 GPM, Aurora split case pumps can be driven by either an electric motor or diesel engine. Aurora’s UL-Listed, FM-Approved fire pump packages also include the system controller, with a full range of options and accessories available to complete the NFPA-compliant fire pump package. In addition to horizontal split case pumps, Aurora also offers split case performance in a vertical format. Vertical fire pumps provide distinct advantages over horizontal pump constructions. • Less floor space is required. • In-line piping arrangement allows piping in any direction in most cases. • Elevated motor protects against potential flooding if the pump station is in a low area. • Components are register-fitted to prevent misalignment.