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Myers Aplex Plunger pump

Myers Aplex Plunger  pump


Myers Aplex plunger  pump

High Pressure injection pump

Up to 5000 psi


A.Valves Unique (patented) hardened stainless steel disc-type valves for longer life cycle and servicing. Additional valve types are: Acetol disc, titanium disc, abrasion resistant, and dual-stem guided.
B. Plungers Rokide® chrome-oxide coated on stainless steel substrate or TX for abrasive service.
C. Stuffing Boxes Replaceable and field-servicable – available in various metallurgies.
D. Liquid Ends Available in a variety of metallurgies.
E. Valve Covers Provide easy access to valve components.
F. Cross head Extension Rods Solid heat-treated stainless steel for hardness and corrosion-resistance.
G. Packing Assemblies Available in a wide selection of styles to meet your specific needs. H. Power-End Lubrication Systems A combination of splash and scoop methods to deliver proper lubrication of the power-end at a wide range of pump speeds.
I. Oil Level Sight Glass Provides quick and easy oil level inspection.
J. Crankshaft Journal Bearings Precision steel backed, babbitted inserts require no shimming of the rod cap for perfect running clearance.
K. Crankshafts Forged steel or ductile iron, precision ground and polished for low friction and supported by large roller bearings.
L. Connecting Rods Utilizing case-hardened and centerless-ground alloy steel crosshead pins and large leaded bronze bushings. Provide an excellent design to cope with applications involving high suction pressures.
M. Power Frame Cradle  Unobstructed access for easy entry and servicing of plungers, packing, and stuffing boxes

• Reliable, trouble-free performance
• Built for field serviceability
• A broad product line ranging from 5 to 400 HP (3.7 to 298.3 kW)
• Pressures up to 5,500 psi (379.2 bar) and flows to 600 gpm (2271 lpm) • Temperature ratings up to 450°F (232°C)
• Able to pump a wide range of corrosive fluids from acids to caustics • Extra-large oil sump for superior lubrication • Clear rear cover for easy oil level inspection